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Knoxville Tennessee Ransomware Attack
Knoxville June 2020 Ransomware Attack

The city of Knoxville, Tennessee recently fell victim to a ransomware attack which took many of the city’s government websites and computer servers offline, rendering many public services inaccessible for nearly a week. Forensic analysis revealed that the city was…

CCPA Final Regulations
The CCPA Final Regulations

On June 1, 2020, following months of negotiations, modifications, rule making events, public hearings, and public comments, the California Office of the Attorney General has submitted the final text of the CCPA regulations to the California Office of Administrative Law…

The COVID-19 Consumer Data Protection Act of 2020
The COVID-19 Consumer Data Protection Act of 2020

Without a nationwide federal privacy law, companies have been left to speculate how to handle COVID-19 data. FTC commissioner Christine Wilson urged companies that collect COVID-19 data to clearly disclose¬† what particular data is being collected, and when it will…

SBA EIDL Data Breach
CARES Act: The SBA EIDL Loan Data Breach

The federal government acted to provide relief to small businesses under the CARES Act in response to the Coronavirus crisis. While the $349 billion Payment Protection Program got most of the attention, the CARES Act also provided additional funding to…

Consumer Rights Under the CCPA
Consumer Rights Under the CCPA

The CCPA guarantees a number of consumer rights, and businesses need to take steps to ensure compliance. Most of the rights are explicitly enumerated within the text of the CCPA. However, some are implicitly contained with the text. Even though…

Tennessee Identity Theft Deterrence Act | Data Privacy Law
Tennessee’s Data Breach Notification Law

As of 2020, every state has a law that requires notifying residents when their personally identifiable information is affected by a data breach. State laws share similarities, but the nuances often vary. Commonly, notification timing, the harm standard, and access…